Welcome to The SEND Space

Welcome to The SEND Space; we support, advise and empower SEND families and their children. A hub of information to support you to ensure your child(ren) receive the support they require and deserve. We provide 1:1 support for children with additional needs as well as helping you to navigate processes in relation to SEN and understanding your rights as well as the responsibilities of schools and local authorities.

As a SEND mum myself, I know what you are facing; EHC Needs Assessments, poorly written EHCP's, specialist placements, changing school policies, unlawful LA policies, unlawful practices in schools, forced home education and losing my own job I loved. Having worked with both adults and children with acquired brain injury, learning disabilities, physical disabilities and additional needs, I know all too well the effect that these things can have on an entire family.

The strength our children can give us in these times is incredible and you are doing AMAZING by standing by your children and being the advocate they need in order to get the support they deserve to thrive. But it's OK that you need support too, as for many, the processes surrounding us can be a traumatic experience, especially when we feel that we or our children are not being heard or listened to.

Routinely I find parents are given inaccurate information or EHC Plans are being poorly written, meaning children are not being given the support they need or deserve. At The SEND Space we feel this is a right for a child, to be supported in a way where they are able to succeed and thrive and we will support you with the tools you need to empower yourself to achieve just that.


An archive of articles and information which discuss various issues in relation to SEND and SEND law, including EHC Needs Assessments and EHC Plans.


A list of services we can provide including advice, support and 1:1 support for children / young people with SEND. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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